Roger Field

Roger Field is a writer, literary agent and lawyer.

After 9 years in the British Army, including front line action in The Falklands in 1982, he resigned as a captain.  He retrained as a media lawyer, working in television, newspapers, magazines and books, latterly as Legal Director of The Random House Group.  He continues to advise media clients.

For 20 years Roger has been writing articles for national newspapers and magazines on subjects as diverse as property, travel, motoring, antique collecting and fishing. 

His first book, Rogue Male, was published by Hodder & Stoughton and hit No 2 in The Evening Standard non-fiction chart.  He is currently writing fiction.

He set up his own independent literary agency: Roger Field Agency.  It has five published authors and four new authors due to be published in 2013/14.




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