Rogue Male Lecture

Geoffrey Gordon-Creed has a truly incredible, battle-filled story to tell, and he tells it in a unique way.  It is this 'voice' which has got the National Army Museum (and the Imperial War Museum for that matter) so interested in Rogue Male.  

'Major Geoff' tells us what warfare is really like: terror and elation, and the sheer relief at surviving the seemingly unsurvivable.  And, when the bullets are not flying, he is doing what most 23 year olds would be: chasing girls.  They loved him and he tells us about them.  Sex was definitely not first discovered by The Beatles in 1963!  

And, when he is a guerrilla in the mountains of Greece and they capture prisoners they cannot feed, or do not trust, they kill them.  They even torture them.   Not a story we have heard from the British side before.  

This is a tale of what it takes to survive against the odds, and to even have a laugh along the way.

I hope you enjoy it, the audience certainly seemed to.

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