After serving in the British Army for ten years, Jeremy Archer now lives in London and works in the City.  An enthusiastic amateur historian, he has travelled the world visiting battlefields.  He writes occasional articles for a variety of publications including the British Army Review.  His first book, Home for Christmas, published by Century, was an anthology of wartime Christmas extracts from letters, diaries, poems, card and menus dating from 1777 to the present day. Away at Christmas is his second book.


Away at Christmas

Away at Christmas is a collection of incredible stories of human endeavour drawn from the journal entries of the worldd's greatest explorers. Covering the period from 1492 to the present day, it describes where each explorer was and what they did to celebrate the festival in some of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth. Discover how these remarkable people kept the day special against the odds and what became of them and their parties thereafter.


Home for Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a time for family gatherings, for celebration, and for the exchange of gifts.Sadly, not everyone makes it 'Home for Christmas': wars all too frequently intervene and many are reluctantly parted from their families, sometimes for years at a time.

Using extracts from letters, diaries, cards, poems, autobiographies, histories and other original sources, this book explores very different wartime Christmas experiences from the English Civil War - when Christmas was banned by a Puritan Parliament - to the rigours of the present-day conflict in Iraq.

As the reader will discover, while some have taken advantage of the seasonal 'lull' in hostilities to take their opponents by surprise, others have made valiant attempts - frequently in the most dispiriting circumstances - to celebrate Christmas.